• Does my Groevy subscription include the costs of legal copyrights?

    Unfortunately not. Only customers who have already themselves entered into an agreement with the respective copyright organisations (these are SABAM and SIMIM / Fair Compensation in Belgium) are eligible to become a Groevy subscriber. Groevy is a fully legal music platform, which itself pays duplication rights in order to be permitted to offer this platform as a service.

  • Is the chat function available 24/24?

    Our ambition is to provide the best possible availability, even outside the office hours from Monday to Friday, and from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. But our butlers also occasionally need some sleep or personal time, of course. And we’re happy to grant them that. Missed calls or messages are always followed up with the greatest urgency from the moment they are back online, or have caught up on their sleep!

  • How can I terminate my Groevy subscription?

    We never conclude our collaborations on the wrong note! Cancelling a Groevy subscription can therefore be simply arranged through chat or e-mail. Do we regret cancellations? Yes, of course! That’s why we are always curious to find out the underlying reason. This feedback then enables us to further optimise our services.

  • Is Groevy legal?

    Absolutely. True music lovers pay for the work of the artists they listen to or play. Groevy has the necessary legal agreements with all the relevant authors’ societies. No Napster or KaZaa practices here (for those who remember them)!

  • Do you want to use Groevy on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop - without the Groevy Player? Then bear the following in mind:

    The Groevy app is a web app, which actually means: a compact website that is modelled in such a way that it can perfectly be displayed and used on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. One of the reasons why we at Groevy opted for a web app is the fact that, for you as a user, there is no need to update a web app. Unlike the apps that you download through the Apple App Store or Google Play, and that always seem to require updates … Every time you open our app, you will automatically be presented with the latest version.

    • You will, however, always need an Internet connection in order to be able to use the Groevy web app.
    • If the Groevy app is active and your smartphone or tablet goes to sleep mode, the music will stop playing after one song.
    • You can, however, easily avoid the above small drawbacks by opting for the Groevy Player: a small, autonomously functioning device that we install at your business location and connect to your music system. That’s it.