Groevy matches music to your brand

The right music, at the right time and in the right place. That’s what Groevy is all about. Because, despite the omnipresence of music and the unprecedented ease with which everyone can obtain music and playlists these days, quite a few wrong tunes can still be heard in shops, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, offices, health and beauty salons, etc. And that’s a pity. Not only for customers, visitors or guests, but also for managers and operators: the more experiences your business promises, the greater the impact on your business results. Music is an essential component of your point of sale marketing. Because consumers who feel good at your location spend more money, and faster. Haven’t you experienced this yourself? This is precisely why it’s important to set the right musical tone in your business at all times.

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The founders of Groevy, 3 passionate Belgian music lovers who, together, have several decades of experience in the fascinating world of music programming, decided to bundle their considerable expertise and offer it in the shape of a useful online tool.
Behind the scenes, they brought together an enthusiastic team of music experts who take on the role of personal consultants (or, in other words, ‘music butlers’), and always provide customers with the right music in the right place. In addition, a lot of diligent work went into a digital platform, where the different tailor-made playlists are collected. You can discover the result by testing Groevy free of charge for 14 days:


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